How much does it cost?

Standard website

Our website design charges are £80 for a two page simple website consisting of a Home page and a Contact page. The hosting and maintenance charges for the website would be £50 that's £5 per calendar month. The website would have its own domain name. Adding the annual cost of renewing registration of the client's domain at approximately £4 per year for a dot and £12 for a dot com the total cost amounts to £134-£142. Subsequently, annual costs would be £54-£62.

Advanced website

A more complex website would obviously cost more possibly running into several hundred pounds.

Annual charges

Hosting, maintenance and domain registration charges range from £64 per annum, payable in advance.

Web hosting

We offer a complete package including hosting design maintenance and email. To reduce costs we need to have  regular income from hosting and maintenance fees. But this is to the advantage of our clients who can be charged less for the design and development of their website, updates and maintenance. This degree of control also enables us to resolve any issues quickly with greater security.

Custom website

The cost of designing a website increases with the degree of customisation required and the number of different pages to design.  Our rates at present are £25 per hour but we would normally only charge in this way for extra work. Normally, we would come to an agreement with the client who would then have a clear view of what the web site is going to cost.

Masthead or Banner

the top of nearly every web site page has a banner or masthead which sets the style for the site and may take a lot of time designing.

 A company or organisation's logo may be placed in the masthead. If these graphic images do not exist they have to be created.

Written content

Written content or copy needs to be prepared. we can do this but costs are lower if the client has material that is ready to be inserted.  Sometimes we use Latin to fill a page space, just like the paragraph below:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent aliquam, justo convallis luctus rutrum, erat nulla fermentum diam, at nonummy quam ante ac quam.

We use this to assesss the organisation and layout of the material for the web page.

Photos and images

Even if they are not essential attractive photos help to keep an Internet surfer on your website.

Photos and any other images including maps need to be produced either by ourselves or the client or can be bought from a stock photo website. Infringement of copyright has to be avoided.

The higher the quality of the photographs the better.

It is really important that photos are sharply focussed, of good colour and contrast. We can arrange to produce excellent photographs for you and if necessary search stockphoto sites.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems or CMS provide opportunities for clients to update their websites whenever they need to.

 Items for insertion can be placed in a "box" (with or without a border) anywhere on a page.

We provide  tailor made solutions to enable different types of websites to be updated by our clients.

At present we have avoided MSQL and other database CMS solutions as these involve additional monthly hosting costs that our clients would prefer to avoid. 

We provide video instructional program material to help users learn how to use the CMS.

Although initially this type of website publishing costs more, in the long run costs of adding material to a website on a regular and perhaps frequent basis are considerably reduced.


we do not usually need to add advertising to our clients websites, unless they specifically ask to.


We can cover events and locations using videocameras, including vehicle mounted cameras. The latter is particularly valuable for presenting arguments for increasing road safety and resisting developments.

Client's video material can also be uploaded.


XYZWeb Portfolio

The screenshots below are of a selection of websites designed by XYZWeb. Each website has a different purpose. To visit a website click on the screenshot NB some sites are no longer up and running.

Violin Restoration website screenshot

Violin maker & restorer

This website is designed for an expert violin and stringed musical instrument maker and restorer.

Great care was taken to take photographs that would promote the exceptional work that Michaela Wedemeyer is capable of.







Peter James'Lateral Fitness website

Lateral Fitness: Personal training, group training and personal coaching

Peter James' well equipped gym located in Atworth Wiltshire not far from Melksham is the base for offering the Lateral Fitness approach to health and fitness.

The website is designed to convey a fit and healthy approach to life. The colourscheme is based around the specially commissioned logo










Peter James Flooring 

Flooring contractor

This website is designed to promote an independent flooring contractor's business. Unlike a simple directory listing for a tradesman, having his own website provides an opportunity to show his work and add a lot more information than would be possible.







Westwood Parish Council website

Parish council

Parish councils are increasingly resorting to establishing ..their own website to keep parishioners informed. Each month agendas for the next meeting of the council need to be published and shortly after meetings last months minutes are published. To enable these regular publications to be made this website includes a CMS that enables updates to be made easily. The website also includes a search facilty and an RSS feed which enables parishioners to check whether updates have been made. See also




Kennet Cottage

Holiday cottage

The website promotes both the location of the cottage and the local amenities with many photographs which were taken especially for the website. There are pages showing how to get there and what's On locally as well as a well photographed survey of the cottage.








Freshford Somerset community website

Village community

This village website includes a CMS to enable news to be posted as well as extensive photographs promoting and helping to protect the village from undesirable development.

The CMS enables villagers to discuss local issues and even comment on wider issues. There is an RSS feed and search facility.







Freshford Somerset Property

Property for sale

In addition to the services of estate agents this type of website provides an opportunity for buyers to see more photographs of a property than would be available on an estate agent's website. The photographs may also be larger. Photographs of the location of the property also increase its appeal to a would be buyer.

 A Contact form provides a link to the seller and or the estate agent.